Xiaomi 80W Adaptive Wireless Charging Stand

Xiaomi 80W Adaptive Wireless Charging Stand

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Xiaomi 80W Adaptive Wireless Charging Stand

80W Xiaomi HyperCharge | Smart Adaptive Dual Coils | Quiet Heat Dissipation | Safe And Reliable


A Brand-New Efficient Charging Experience

Self-Developed 80W Xiaomi HyperCharge Technology

Introducing a brand-new low-inductance solution for high efficiency and faster charging. Charge Xiaomi 14 Ultra with Xiaomi 80W Adaptive Wireless Charging Stand to reach 100%* in 46 minutes.


Adaptive Dual Coils

Flexibly Meet A Wide Range Of Charging Needs

Compatible with various smartphone models, it adaptively achieves precise alignment to enhance wireless charging efficiency. Lightly place the smartphone on the stand for a simple and fast smart-charging experience.


Ergonomic Design

Golden-Angle Interaction

The ergonomic design of the charging surface is tilted for comfortable usage while the smartphone is charging. It's also equipped with a concealed LED indicator to display charging status in real-time.


Active Heat Dissipation

Quiet And Disturbance-Free

The built-in cooling fan and brand-new air vent design ensure quiet operation.


Foreign Object Detection And Smart Recognition

Maintain Peace Of Mind

Intelligently recognises keys, coins, and other metallic foreign objects and automatically turns off power with a flashing light prompt to guarantee charging safety at all times.


Highly Compatible

Use With Even More Mainstream Electronic Devices

Xiaomi 80W Adaptive Wireless Charging Stand is compatible with Qi protocol, the standard charging power load of all Xiaomi smartphones, the 7.5W wireless charging power load of iPhone smartphones, the 10W wireless charging power load of Samsung smartphones, and the up to EPP10W wireless charging power load of other brands.


Comprehensive Safety Protection For Worry-Free Charging

  • Overvoltage Protection
  • Undervoltage Protection
  • Overheating Protection
  • Reverse Voltage Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Abnormal Path Impedance Protection
  • Data Cable Encryption Protection
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Static Electricity Protection
  • Lightning Protection
  • Electromagnetic Field Protection
  • Foreign Object Protection