Anker 735 Charger (GaNPrime 65W)

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  • Power 3 Devices At Once : With 2 USB-C Ports And One USB-A Port, You Can Charge Your Phone, Notebook, And Earbuds All At Once From A Single Charger. Connect A Single Device To Charge At Up To 65W.
  • Charge Up To 30 Minutes Faster : Our Exclusive PowerIQ 4.0 Technology Features Dynamic Power Distribution, Which Detects The Power Needs Of Connected Devices And Adjusts Power Automatically To Ensure Faster, More Efficient Charging.
  • Greener With GaN : If Every Household In The US Used Our GaNPrime™ Products In Place Of Non-GaNPrime™ Products, The Amount Of Power Saved Could Be Up To 796.39 million kWh Per Year—That's Enough Energy To Power Hawaii For A Full Month.
  • ActiveShield 2.0 : Anker's Proprietary Technology Enhances Protection By Intelligently Monitoring Temperature Over 3 Million Times Per Day And Adjusting Power Output To Safeguard Your Connected Devices.