Apple iPad (10th Generation) 10.9" - Logitech Combo Touch Detachable Keyboard Case With Trackpad And Smart Connector Technology

Apple iPad (10th Generation) 10.9" - Logitech Combo Touch Detachable Keyboard Case With Trackpad And Smart Connector Technology

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Discover What's Possible

Achieve more with the incredibly versatile Combo Touch keyboard case for iPad.


A Case You'll Really Click With

The ultimate case for iPad (10th gen) has just touched down. Combo Touch combines a large bottom-click trackpad with a full-size keyboard for your iPad. Full Multi-Touch™ gesture support transforms your iPad into a productivity machine for working in spreadsheets and docs, editing photos and videos, taking remote classes, and more—the possibilities are endless.


Four Use Modes

Combo Touch has four use modes to help you accomplish any task, anywhere.


Type Mode

Dock the keyboard upright, pull out the kickstand, and you’re ready to type out notes, emails, and more.


Sketch Mode

Fully extend the kickstand for the perfect angle to take handwritten notes and draw with Logitech Crayon or Apple Pencil®


View Mode

Detach the keyboard and pull out the kickstand to watch movies and videos.


Read Mode

Detach the keyboard—or reattach it with the keys turned inward—to read books, articles, and more.


Your Fingers Will Thank You

Over 20 years of typing innovation goes into every keyboard Logitech makes so your keystrokes are fluid, natural, and accurate. Enjoy hours of comfortable typing thanks to large, well-spaced keys stretched edge-to-edge so your hands won’t feel crowded. Logitech keyboards feature a scissor mechanism beneath each key to deliver the perfect bounce every time.


Leave The Keyboard Behind

Done typing? Just detach the keyboard so you can sketch, read or watch videos without anything between you and your beautiful iPad® screen. Then use the adjustable kickstand’s 50 degrees of tilt to find that perfect viewing angle.


Premium Trackpad Experience

The high precision trackpad gives you more freedom, more control, and more accuracy to tackle tasks in apps such as Safari®, Keynote®, and Pages®. Plus, the larger trackpad supports all the Multi-Touch™ trackpad gestures you already know and love. Swipe, tap, pinch, and scroll your way through your day.


Adjustable Kickstand

The ultra-flexible kickstand offers an incredible 60-degree tilt so you can always find the right angle for the task at hand. A sturdy mechanical hinge ensures the kickstand stays firmly in place and does not collapse, even with strong tapping.


Secure Form-Fit Protection

It’s not just protection. It’s peace of mind. Combo Touch is molded to perfectly fit your iPad, protecting the front, back, and corners from scrapes and bumps. Rest assured your iPad is secure and won’t slip out of the case, so you can focus on what matters—getting things done.


Type Day Or Night

Backlit keys automatically adjust to your environment with 16 levels of brightness so you can stay focused in any lighting. Shortcut keys at the top of the keyboard allow you to manually adjust brightness.



Forget hunting through on-screen menus. Combo Touch gets it done with a full row of iPadOS® shortcut keys. Easily access media controls, brightness levels, Screenshot, Dictation, and more.


Power And Pair In One Click

Combo Touch instantly pairs with your iPad via Smart Connector. And batteries aren’t included because you’ll never need them—power is sourced directly from iPad.


Home For Your Logitech Crayon

A built-in holder for Logitech Crayon or Apple Pencil keeps your digital pencil always within reach so you can easily hand-write notes, sketch drawings, or markup documents directly on iPad.


Perfectly Complements Your iPad

The iPad meets its aesthetic match with a clean, sleek design—the thinnest keyboard case we've ever designed with a trackpad. The elegant woven outer fabric feels as great as it looks.


Auto On / Off

Simply open up Combo Touch to wake iPad and turn the keyboard on. Then close it to put them both to sleep automatically.


Logitech Control APP

For the best experience, keep your Combo Touch firmware up to date using the Logitech Control app.