Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max - Power Support Air Jacket Hybrid

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For the iPhone 12 Pro Max Power Support engineers produced an amazing Hybrid Air Jacket that combines the simple, clear elegance of our iPhone Air Jacket with advanced technology to protect your iPhone.


Hybrid Protection

We have combined a clear, PC (polycarbonate) back panel with a soft TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethanes), wrap around bumper that provides four-sided shock absorption and impact protection without sacrificing clarity. 


Aero Cushion Impact Disperse Corners

Built-in air cushions on all four corners adds extra protection against drops and bumps.


Raised Edges

Raised edges along the front of the Air Jacket and around the camera lens help prevent your iPhone screen and camera from rubbing against flat surfaces and getting scratched.


Watermark Resistant

The inner surface of the Air Jacket is textured to avoid unsightly watermarks.


Antibacterial Technology

The surface of the Air Jacket is formulated with antibacterial substance that eliminates 99% of common bacteria and creates a case that protects not only your iPhone but you.



  • Tough PC Back
  • Soft TPU Sides
  • Four-Sided Protection
  • Aero Cushion Corners
  • Antibacterial Technology
  • Raised Edges
  • Watermark Resistant