Apple iPhone 7 Plus - External Battery Case 7000mAh

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Increase your battery life with the iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case without remove your battery from the phone.
Extended your iPhone 7 Plus battery life with this 7000mAh Rechargeable Battery case . 
An excellent source of portable extra battery power, the Backup Battery Juice Bank Cover for iPhone 7 Plus add up to 230% extra power on your battery’s life. Gives you more power to make it Possible.
Charging & Protection 2 in 1 : The iPhone 7 Plus battery charger case was well-make batter hard case with 360 degree protective bumper design protect your phone from scratches or other daily wear and tear.
Internal chips also protect your smart phone from overheating, short-circuiting, over charging, and discharging!
Easy to install and use: This iPhone 7 Plus Battery Pack is extremely easy to install and use. Take off the top cover of the battery case, then slip your phone into it, make sure that your phone was connect well with the charging case . After that, take on the top cover. All finished, press the power button and now you will have access to 2.3X the power for your iPhone 7 Plus.
Before using, We would like you fully charge the battery case with original phone cable till 4 blue LED indicator shine on.