Apple iPhone 7 - SwitchEasy Glass

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Air Barrier Protection


The best way to protect Jet Black iPhones is not to touch its delicate back.
By specifically allowing a 1mm gap between the phone and the glass back, less than 13 percent of your iPhone’s surface is contacted by our case.
Our rigid case structure composed of aluminium and glass ensuring the gap between glass and your phone will never be compromised.


Zero Watermarks


Unlike many transparent cases, GLASS is one of the few cases which can guarantee ZERO WATERMARKS on your Jet Black, thanks to Air Barrier™.
Now your bragging rights stay when you get your Jet Black !


Patent Pending Wireless Signal Pass Through Design


Unlike all metal cases on the market, we redefined what a metal case should be.
With our patent pending wireless pass through design, you can now enjoy outstanding wireless experience which is non-comparable to any other metal cases on the market.


World's First "See-Through" Glass Back Durability Redefined


With SwitchEasy GLASS, we have created a case with the most durable, most transparent material we can find. GLASS.
With our ultra durable, ultra transparent glass back, you can now show off your Jet Black with the bragging rights you deserve.


Ball Busting Strong


Lets face it, glass is a material that is prone to break. But it is also a very luxurious material which all cell phones are made of. At SwitchEasy, we wanted to bring this new highly integrated concept to the world which you will experience the immaculate integration of phone and protection.


Each and every of our High Strength Tempered Glass is heat treated for over three hours in a curing oven to ensure its resilience to shock and outside force. Our glass back have passed industry standard 0.35 gram steel ball test dropping from 1.5 meter at various points of the surface. In order to prevent from accidental chipping, our glass is also computer milled with a curved angle.


Sensory Indulgence


We have specially milled the edge of our glass with the same specific curve just like the display on the iPhone.
With precise symmetry by design, your experience with GLASS is an exact extension of iPhone itself, instead of holding a piece of plastic in hand.


Lens Protector. Lay Flat With Confidence.


With all these great features we haven't forgotten even the smallest details!

Our glass back is 0.6mm higher than the tip of the lens, protecting the most valuable part of your iPhone 7 camera!


Airframe Grade Aluminium. Ultra Strength. Ultra Light.


Airframe Grade Aluminum is yet the strongest but lightest metal that can be used to make mobile cases.

Meticulously designed and precisely milled with the help of computer milling machines, each and every frame is then anodized to harden the metal, with the purest black pigment we can find.


Patented One-Flip Lock-Release. Easy Desinstallation.


Many metal cases on the market requires screws to disassemble, GLASS’s patented lock-release mechanism allows users to easily take the phone out of the case with one flick of the button.


Native Touch Tactile Buttons. It's Just A Click Away.


Our precision milled anondized aluminum buttons closely mimics the form and shape of the native iPhone buttons. Designed with the exact taticity of iPhones original buttons, you will be pleasantly surpised by our Native Touch buttons.


Self Adhesive Dusts Seals. Remedy To Dust Allergy.


Jet Black iPhone has great tenacity to reflect any odd particles on its surface. Dusts are no exception. Included with our case are user installable dust seals to prevent dust escaping from the lens opening of the camera.