Asus Rog Phone 3 - Asus Lighting Armor Case

Asus Rog Phone 3 - Asus Lighting Armor Case

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Rog Phone 3

Lighting Armor Case

Light It Up


ROG Phone 3 Lighting Armor Case supports Aura lighting for an out-of-this-world visual experience. A special, customized theme will be loaded when you install the Lighting Armor Case on your ROG Phone 3.


Dot Matrix Design | Aura Lighting | Unique Theme


Level Up

The dot-matrix display on ROG Phone 3 Lightning Armor Case adds cyberpunk style to the ROG logo. When viewed from different angles, the case displays an intense interplay of light and shadow, exuding a low-key sense of mystery. Look at it head-on to experience the true faith! Lighting Armor Case is fully compatible with Aeroactive Cooler 3, and doesn't affect its performance.


Dot Matrix Design | Armor-Like Appearance | Works With Aeroactive Cooler 3


Light Up

ROG Phone 3 Lighting Armor Case supports ROG Phone 3 Armoury Crate, a software utility that unifies lighting controls and puts essential settings at your fingertips. You can easily define and customize scenario profiles that automatically kick in when you launch your favorite lighting pattern.


Tune Up

ROG Phone 3 Lighting Armor Case not only protects the phone from scratches and bumps, but also comes with a unique ROG theme that becomes available when the phone detects the case via NFC, giving you the option to apply a matched theme with wallpaper, icons and sounds that give your ROG Phone 3 a uniform look and feel.


Unique UI | Unique Sound Effects