Asus Rog Phone 7 / 7 Ultimate - Asus Rog Original Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Antibacterial Glass Screen Protector For Rog 7 / 6 Series

Clearly The Best!

Give your ROG Phone 7 and 6 series super-tough protection! This ultra-slim, ultra-clear, anti-fingerprint protector feels as though there’s nothing on your phone, but gives it great protection. It even has an antibacterial coating to keep the bugs at bay.



Hardened Glass

The antibacterial screen protector is made of tough glass — rated at 9H hardness1 — with full coverage for a 2.5D screen. The double-tempering process and edging treatment give the glass more strength to protect your phone against those inevitable accidents.

9H hardness | 2.5D full coverage



Effective Antibacterial Protection

To keep your phone hygienic, we’ve applied antibacterial coating on the screen protector to keep your phone’s screen clean and sanitary. This can effectively inhibit bacteria growth by up to 99%.

99% antibacterial



The Ultimate Gaming Experience!

To give you the best gaming experience on your ROG Phone, we take everything to the extreme. The glass has 92% transmittance for a perfect screen experience, and it’s just 0.16 mm thin, so it’s almost undetectable. And the anti-fingerprint coating is essential for world’s best gaming phone! The Antibacterial Glass Screen Protector is compatible with the ROG Phone 7, ROG Phone 6, and ROG Phone 6D series.

0.16mm slim design | 92% transmittance