Doss Bluetooth Speaker - Motion DS-1155

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Everyone these days loves to take their music collection with them wherever they travel. With the advent of smartphones,tablets and music players with their large memory capacity it’s no longer a problem to carry a large music collection. And with the advent of cloud storage and cheap internet access all over the planet it’s even easier to have a massive collection at your fingertips! And don’t worry, the Doss Motion speakers will also work with your laptop, PC or MAC.


But you’re still limited by the often inadequate speakers in your smartphone or other media player – tinny and with little real volume. Yes, sure you can use earphones but do you really want to have to use those nasty tangle-prone things?


Well fret no more and say hello to the wonderful wireless world of the Doss Motion Bluetooth Speaker – an ideal travelling partner with outstanding sound quality and volume all packaged together into a compact, stylish and easy to use package that even comes with its own soft protective travel pouch.


Featuring amazing sound quality & bass from “AirBass” technology, the quality of reproduction is unbelievable! The Doss Motion truly defies it’s dimensions and produces a sound you would expect from a much larger speaker. And with a very healthy 2 x 3W power output there is plenty of volume to enjoy your music collection.


And this little marvel doesn’t skimp on connectivity either. Connect your device using Bluetooth and enjoy the convenience of moving your source device up to 10 metres away from the speaker. There is also an 3.5mm line-in jack for a fixed cable connection to a device with no Bluetooth, or in case you just want to save power. If you have music on a TF card this can also be slotted into the Motion and played directly!


A handy LED indicator lets you know what mode you’re using the Doss Motion in – Green light indicates Bluetooth mode, Red light means Aux in or TF Card mode.


The Doss Motion Bluetooth speaker also incorporates a novel “hand-swoosh” track up and down control – just pass your hand over the sensor panel on the top of the speaker, left for previous track and right for next track! Hold stationary over the top off the speaker for 1 second to pause, 2 seconds to play. What could be simpler and more intuitive? The “hand-swoosh” function can be dis-abled if the speaker is placed somewhere there is a lot of movement to avoid accidental track skipping.


Conventional touch controls for volume, mode and phone control are also included. You can even use the Doss Motion Bluetooth speaker’s Hands Free functionality with your smartphone as the unit incorporates a microphone. And if you have an Android smartphone there is an app you can download allowing you to control functions from the convenience of your phone.


The integral 2200mAh Li-ion polymer internal rechargeable battery allows up to 8 hours of use, and can then be re-charged using the included USB cable connected to a suitable source.