FlyDigi Wasp 2 Pro Controller (Left)

FlyDigi Wasp 2 Pro Controller (Left)

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Built-In Six-Axis Gyroscope

The Flydigi Wasp 2 Pro is built-in six-axis gyroscope, somatosensory micro-operation, adjustable sensitivity. Press LT to turn onPress LT to turn on somatosensory, slightly shake the handle to extend the field of view, and lock the battalefield ahead of time, thousands of miles of positioning, precision sniper. 

Removable Metal Back Button

The Flydigi Wasp 2 Pro features innovative removable metal button on the back, easy to install and remove. Removable metal back button, the back button activates the restricted middle finger and adds a new thread to the operatin. Three fingers changes to four fingers, jump and shoot while walking, the direction of the heart, the direction of the hand.

ALPS Big Joystick

Flydigi Wasp 2 Pro is with upgraded bigger ALPS Joystick, it offers you the best game experience. ALPS big joystick, choose high or short, quickly link AB buttons while walking, jump while walking.

Bluetooth Smart Connection

Flashplay Bluetooth smart connection technology, support iOS & Android devices with width up to 86 mm.

Type-C Activation Line

Built-in Type-C small tour activation line, Android mapping activation anytime, anywhere.