Honor Bluetooth Headset - Honor Earbuds X5

Honor Bluetooth Headset - Honor Earbuds X5

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HONOR Earbuds X5

Premium Wireless Hi-Fi Audio | 13.4mm Large Coil Driver | 27-hours Long Battery Life
Top Features
  • Lightweight And Snug Fit
  • 13.4mm Large Diaphragm
  • Dual-Device Connection
  • 27 Hours Long Battery Life
  • Noise Reduction For Clear Call
  • Find Your Earbuds


Petite, Curved & Exquisite



A perfect interpretation of the softness and aesthetics of curve. Light and comfortable to exquisite, an always companion for you.


Lightweight And Snug Fit

The ergonomically designed for a stable and snug fit. Gentle to your ears, charm to your heart.


Exceptional To Please The Ears

The finely tuned 13.4mm large diaphragm perfectly presents a delicate and rich audio experience to your ears. Phenomenal, just to feel.


Richer Soprano, Every Note To Your Heart

The ample sound unit naturally brings crisp, clear high notes, bringing a richer audio experience.


Deep, Rich Bass, Resonate To Your Soul

The highly airtight independent sound control and air vent deliver deep, rich bass, allowing you to immerse in a resonance as if you are deep in the sea.


EQ Sound Effect

Immersive Elysium Of The Music

Whether to preserve the classics, restore the natural balance, or resume the warmth and texture of human voice, the multi-scene sound effects take musical tastes to a remarkably personal level.3


Original Soundtrack

Restore the classics, preserve the natural balance.


The Warmth Of Human Voice

Warm and full, with rich emotions in every conversation.


The Rumbling Bass

Preserve the magic of low-frequency instruments.


Powerful Soprano

Directly to your heart, rich with details.


Noise Reduction For Clear Call

Wherever you are, noise cancellation can block the external noise and identify and separate the target voice during a call. Whether to connect to the world or be alone for tranquility, it's all up to you.


27 Hours Long Battery Life4

The combination of a large-capacity battery and a low power consumption solution will bring you 27 hours of combined audio playback, accompanying you for a longer time.


Locate It Easy, A Peace Of Mind

During Bluetooth connection, users can control the earphone to emit sound to determine its location on the phone.


Easy To Pair, Easy To Go

Open the lid and the pop-up window will appear for easy connection5. It supports simultaneous connection to two smart devices and allows for seamless switching between mobile phones, tablets, and PCs6.


All At Your Fingertips

You now have complete control right at your fingertips without maneuvering the settings on your phones.

Tap Twice

to answer/end a call, play/pause audio playbacks or skip to a new track.


to wake up voice assistant.

Tap And Hold

for volume up/down, or to reject unwanted incoming calls.