Honor Choice Portable Bluetooth Speaker VNA-00

Honor Choice Portable Bluetooth Speaker VNA-00

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HONOR CHOICE Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Shocking Sound, Moving Music

Loud Bass | 10 Hours Long Battery Life | One Press For Voice Assistant | IP67 Rated Dust And Water Resistance


Loud Bass

The Dynamic Rhythm Is Amazing And Powerful

It is equipped with 5W power, 43mm speaker unit and loud bass. The sound effect is vigorous and powerful, and the range is wide and unbounded.


10 Hours Music Playing

Listen To Music From Morning Till Night

It is equipped with a 1,000mAh li-ion polymer battery and an ultra-low power consumption design. No matter how far you travel, you will be accompanied by music.


One Press For Voice Assistant

After connecting to the phone, you can tap to invoke voice assistant. Easy song switching, volume regulation, voice navigation, etc. can be achieved through your command.


IP67 Rated Dust And Water Resistance

Casual Use Indoors And Outdoors


It is IP67 rated dust and water resistance, with no fear of rain and dust. Pure sound quality without disturbance.


Support The Interconnection Of Paired Bluetooth Speakers

Present Surround Sound Instantly


Two Bluetooth speakers are interconnected to distribute the dual track intelligently. Enhance sound depth and enjoy 360° cinema-level amazing sound effect.


Hands-Free Call Without Burden

Talk Loudly And Enjoyably


Adopt the blind touch recognition key design of button recognition by touching to help answer incoming calls.


Skin-Friendly Material

Compact And Convenient


Soft and skin-friendly material is suitable for light touch. It is equipped with an adjustable lanyard. It is compact and convenient, small and portable listening to music anytime and anywhere.


HONOR Smart Control

Approach And Discover The Pop-Up Window


After the Bluetooth speaker is turned on, the phone can pop up the window automatically. Support linking the HONOR AI Space. The device state is under your control.


Convenient USB-C Charging

Meet The Charging Demand With A Cable


Use USB-C universal interface. Connect with HONOR phone, tablet, laptop, etc. with a cable. Travel easily to hep you realize the freedom of outdoor music.