Honor SuperCharge Wireless Charger Stand (Max 100W)

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HONOR SuperCharge Wireless Charger Stand (Max 100W)

100W Wireless HONOR SuperCharge | Dual-Coil Charging Design | 3D Air Cooling Design | Metal Base


Not Only A Charger, But Also A Holder.

The vertical design with a 65-degree1 elevation angle makes it both a wireless charger and a vertical holder.


Dual-Coil Charging Design, Supporting Horizontal And Vertical Charging

Maximum power reaches 100W2, refreshing the new HONOR SuperCharge record. It adopts the dual-coil design, sensing a large scale. It is easy placement, so that the phone can be vertical or horizontal. The horizontal mode enables you to watch a film on the phone during charging.


The Vertical Design Enables You To Use The Phone While Charging

You do not need to take off the phone case3 before charging the phone. You can use the phone with only one hand during charging.


Low-Noise Fan, Less Interference When Charging

Built-in low-noise fan, the fan speed can be intelligently regulated. It can automatically switch to ultra-low noise mode4 at night. You can sleep quietly even when the charger is placed on your bedside.


Metal Base, 3D Air Cooling, Efficient Heat Dissipation, Low-Temperature Charging

Metal base and the built-in high-efficiency centrifugal fan greatly improves the heat dissipation performance. The innovative 3D air duct at the bottom not only dissipates heat for the charging base, but also dissipates heat for the phone. Efficient heat dissipation shortens the charging time.


Foreign Body Detection Instructions To Ensure Charging Safety

The exquisite LED indicator at the bottom indicates the charging status throughout the charging process. If there are any metal foreign objects, the LED indicator will flash quickly to ensure the safety of charging.


Great Compatibility

In addition to phones, it can also charge HONOR wireless headsets. It is compatible with a large variety of electronic devices that support Qi wireless power standard5, bringing a convenient charging experience.