Huawei Bluetooth Headset - FreeLace Wireless Earphone CM70-C

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Huawei FreeLace

Music Always Stay

HUAWEI HiPair | Fast Charge | 18hr. Playback


Colour Your Style

Pick the colour that goes with your stylish outfit.


HUAWEI HiPair Technology

Built-in USB Type-C plug with self-developed HUAWEI HiPair technology, once plugged in the phone, the HUAWEI FreeLace can be paired at once and is ready to be reverse charged by the phone in emergency during workouts.

Plug And Pair*

Once plugged in the Type-C, it completes the whole pairing process.

Plug And Charge**

It can be refueled by your phone anytime anywhere,


Immersive Music Experience

Equipped with 9.2 mm dynamic driver unit that enlarges the sound field. The ultra-thin TPU diaphragm delivers surging bass, while titanium plating brings you melodious treble.


Fast Charging

Long Battery Life*

With the 3C high-efficiency lithium batteries, your phone can be your charger via the Type-C plug. A quick charge and your music journey can continue.

4-hour playback in 5-minutes charge

18-hour playback on one charge

12-day standby on one charge

*The following data are from Huawei Labs and are the test results of medium volume. The actual time varies depending on the volume, source, environment and usage habits.


Memory Metal Cable

Fit And Flexible

The HUAWEI FreeLace is wrapped in nickel-titanium alloy and liquid silicon to feel smooth and contour to your neck. And, it can be easily coiled up for compact portability and remains tangle-free.


Attach And Detach

On And Off

The built-in Hall magnetic sensor can detect whether the headphones are in use. You can attach to end the connection for longer battery life. And, when you separate, it will reconnect and get you back to your music.


Wind Noise Reduction For Crystal Clear Calls

The perfect collaboration between the Dual-channel Wind Noise Reduction and Bluetooth noise cancelling algorithm saves your conversations from the hustle and bustle of your surroundings.



No Worries

These earphones have a waterproof design. No matter if you are in sweat or rain, the all-around protection allows you to carry on with your day.

*IPX5-rated is based on test conditions and the enclosure is protected against water coming from any direction.


The Details Forge Superiority

  • Fine-tuning 28°ergonomic Earbuds For A Comfortable Fit
  • Symmetrical And Balanced Design
  • Durable Control Panel Made Of Anodized Aluminum Alloy
  • 3 Buttons For Your Convenience

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