Huawei SuperCharge Wireless Car Charger (Max 27W) CP39S

Huawei SuperCharge Wireless Car Charger (Max 27W) CP39S

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HUAWEI SuperCharge Wireless Car Charger


Intelligent sensing of mounting and retrieval. 27W (Max) Wireless HUAWEI Supercharge.*


*Use the car charger with a standard charging cable and a phone supporting 27 W wireless charging. All data is obtained from HUAWEI Labs.


Wireless Charging, Hassle-Free Driving


Just put the phone down to charge it up. No need to take the case off1 or connect it with a cable. Navigating and charging at the same time. The phone mounting arms can open as wide as 85 mm2 which allows multi--angle adjustment to be compatible with many devices.


27W (Max) Wireless HUAWEI SuperCharge

Intelligent Sensing Of Mounting And Retrieval

TÜV Safe Fast-Charge System Certification

Intelligent Compatibility


Fast Charging, Convenient Experience


The 27W (Max) Wireless HUAWEI SuperCharge makes it possible to refuel the battery at the groundbreaking speed. Free you from the tangle of wires and low battery anxiety.


Intelligent Induction, Reliable Attach


Once the phone is getting close, it will be detected by the built-in proximity sensor and hold tight by the mounting arms automatically. No need to worry about dropping even on the bumpy roads. Touch the mounting arm release button on the left to retrieve the phone easily even when the engine is stalled. With the multi-angle adjustment, you can always enjoy a comfortable view.


Maximum Width : 85 mm

Anti Light Miscontract

Strong Grasping Force


Safe And Sound


The TÜV safe fast-charge system certification provides 15 layers of safety protection for energizing your beloved phone safely and promptly.


Dual Port Safety Protection

Port Overvoltage Protection

Step-Up Overvoltage Protection

Step-down Overvoltage Protection

Charging Overvoltage Protection

Under Voltage Protection

Power Line Overcurrent Protection

Charging Overcurrent Protection

Step-up Overcurrent Protection

Step-down Overcurrent Protection

Power Protection

Motor Temperature Protection

Infrared Temperature Protection

Fan Detecting Protection

Foreign Objects Detecting Protection


High-Tech And Stylish Design


The cationic fabrics facilitate fast heat dissipation from both the car charger and the phone. It is an awesome combination of cutting-edge technology and aesthetic concepts.


Double Heat Dissipation


With the high-speed fan built-in, the car charger can adjust wind speed based on power consumption intelligently. The concealed duct entrance cools the stand and phone simultaneously enhancing the charging efficiency.


Universal Compatibility5


Compatible with various devices3, this car charger is your good companion on the road for safe and charging.


Easy Install, Multiple Solutions


Providing two installation method of wireless charger fixing clip and sticker stand4, you can find the one suits your car. Use the standard charging cable for maximum charging power supported by the car cigarette lighter. If only one cigarette lighter is available, the Type-C charging port5 allows you to enjoy fast wired charging with the 40 W HUAWEI SuperCharge car charger supporting dual USB ports and 5A Type-C charging cable.6


1.The case height should be no thick than 3 mm. Ensure that there are no metallic objects between the surface of the wireless charger and your phone. Avoid using a metallic protective case.

2.The recommended phone height is between 68 to 85 mm. The actual largest opening angle of mounting arms may vary due to manufacturing and the method of measurement.

3.For devices which don’t support wireless charging, they can still use the Type-C port in bottom of the car charger for wired charging.

4.When attaching the sticker stand to your car, ensure the sticky side is clean and smooth. As forcible removal of the sticker stand may damage the interior of your car, it is recommended that you contact a professional agency to attach or remove the sticker stand.

5.This product only supports standard 10V / 4A, 5V / 4.5A, and 9V / 2A smart charge protocol (SCP), fast charge protocol (FCP), and Quick Charge (QC) protocol car chargers that comply with the RED requirements of the CE certification. This product does not support low power USB car chargers, including 5V / 2A, 5V / 1A, and 5V / 0.5 A USB chargers, and non-standard fast charging USB car chargers. If you use any of the preceding chargers, the indicator light will keep flashing.

6.The 40 W HUAWEI SuperCharge Car Charger and 5A Type-C charging cable should be purchased separately. It is recommended to use charging cable longer than 1 meter.


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