Huawei SuperCharge Wireless Charger Stand (Max 40W) with Charging Adapter CP62

Huawei SuperCharge Wireless Charger Stand (Max 40W) with Charging Adapter CP62

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Vertical Design, Upgraded Experience

Using your phone while charging has never been easier with this charger stand, which boasts an ergonomically designed 60-degree1 tilt. Durable and exquisite, the charger stand features a slot wrapped in aluminum alloy and a glass-embedded panel.


Easy And Fast Charging

Tired of removing your phone case2 or fumbling about with cables? Simply put your phone on the stand to start charging (up to 40 W)3 and pick it up to stop.


Horizontal Or Vertical, All Your Choice

Fancy watching a TV episode on your phone but it has no battery? No worries! The vertical design and built-in dual coils allow you to watch TV shows on your phone while charging it, regardless of whether you place it horizontally or vertically. Thanks to the silicon anti-slip pads at the bottom, your phone won't fall off if it vibrates.


Vertical Cooling Design, Double Heat Disspation

A brand-new vertical cooling design, an efficient built-in heat dissipation fan, and an air vent at the bottom, all work together to keep your charger stand and phone cool during charging.


Noise-Free Charging

A built-in noise-free fan dynamically adjusts its speed during the day to cut down on excess noise. At night, the stand intelligently identifies the time displayed on your phone and automatically switches to ultra-silent mode. Even light sleepers will nod off in no time4.


See The Charging Status

An external LED indicator shows the charging status of your phone. If the indicator is off, the charger stand is in standby mode. If the indicator is steady white, the charger stand is charging your phone. If there is interference from a metal object such as a key or coin during charging, the indicator will flash quickly to indicate that there is something wrong.


Safe TÜV Rheinland-Certified Charging

With fast and safe TÜV Rheinland-certified charging and comprehensive charging protection, charging will be plain sailing.

Overvoltage Protection

Under Voltage Protection

Overcurrent Protection

Temperature Protection


Smart And Wide Compatibility

Compatible with a wide variety of phones that support the Qi standard5 , this charging stand delivers ultimate practicality.