Realme Mobile Game Trigger RMW2177

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Realme Mobile Game Trigger

Physical Buttons For Latency-Free Control | Gaming Mouse Touch | Premium Metal Trigger


Physical Buttons For Latency-Free Control

Reactivity At Your Fingertips

The buttons and the screen are combined into one, so there is no latency with physical button presses, and your input is registered instantaneously. Control is at your fingertips.


Premium Metal Trigger

Real Gaming Mouse Feel

Zinc alloy buttons and built-in micro-switches are responsive, bringing you the touch reactivity you'd expect from an e-sports-level mouse and igniting the passion of the game.


Quick Click-On

Game Start With One Click

The small and flexible groove clamping design effectively prevents the side buttons from being touched by mistake. It's ready to go as soon as you are - just clip it on, and it snaps into place.