Samsung Galaxy Buds FE

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE

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Ergonomic Comfort | Turn The World Off With Powerful ANC | Enriched Bass Sound | 30-Hour Battery Life


Galaxy Buds FE


Galaxy AI Is Here

Elevate your Galaxy AI experience with Galaxy Buds FE. Now you have a translator right in your ear. Turn on the translation features on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone with Galaxy Buds FE on. Make friends with no language barrier when talking face-to-face or over the phone.

Face-To-Face | Over The Phone

Keep your Galaxy Buds FE on, even when you need to use Interpreter on Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Hear the translation through the earbuds, while the other person listens via the paired smartphone's speaker. Enjoy smooth conversations without handing over your phone each time you speak.


Your Everyday Audio Companion

Galaxy Buds FE, with their compact and ergonomic design, are here to deliver an outstanding listening experience. Block out unwanted noise with Active Noise Cancelling, personalise the fit with various tips and seamlessly sync with your Samsung Galaxy devices. Experience the everyday audio companion that truly caters to you.


A Pair Of Comfort For Your Ears

Galaxy Buds FE's small, ergonomic design gives added comfort as they snugly nestle in your ears and stay securely in place. Customise your earbud fit with different size choices for both wing tips and ear tips.


Easy Touch And Secure Grip

The clear distinction between the touch area and the grip area makes it easy for you to control you music and calls while keeping them securely in place.


Turn The World Off With Powerful ANC

Noise off, your world is on. Active Noise Cancelling instantly puts you alone with your music in a quiet space. Keep the distractions out and immerse yourself in the pure sound.


Silence At Your Fingertip

Turn the Active Noise Cancelling on or off by simply touching and holding the touch area. If you want to talk to your buddy beside you, you can also switch to Ambient Sound mode to hear them without having to take off your earbuds.


Enriched Bass Sound

Indulge in rich sound of Galaxy Buds FE with deep, powerful bass from the new 1-way speaker, no matter what you're listening to.


On And On With Long-Lasting Battery

Compact in size, yet powerful. The battery lasts for up to 30 hours on a single charge, keeping up with your long playlist of songs, podcasts or social media videos throughout your day.


Clear And Crisp Calls


Your Voice Delivered With Precision

Enjoy clear calls with three microphones on Galaxy Buds FE. The Main Mic, Sub Mic and Inner Mic all work in harmony to accurately capture your voice, so your words reach the other end loud and clear.


Your Earbuds, Personalised For You

Galaxy Buds FE uses Personalised Beamforming to automatically adjust to your wearing pattern for the optimal pickup of your voice. Put them on and they'll locate your voice when you start talking.


Be Heard Above The Noise

Whether you're in a bustling city or on a windy hilltop, your voice cuts through the noise on phone calls thanks to Galaxy Buds FE's DNN solution that adeptly filters out background noise from your voice.


Switch To Devices Without Pause

Your sound follows you seamlessly as you pair with other Samsung Galaxy devices using Auto Switch, or connect with a touch or Bixby. Your sound even stays with you as you switch the playback device from your smartphone to your TV via Smart View, so you can continue watching your show on the bigger screen without missing a beat.


Hi Bixby, Play My Favourite Song

Turn on Bixby Voice wake-up mode and use your voice to check the weather, search songs, text your friends and more. Simply say "Hi, Bixby" and ask Bixby to do it for you.


Lost And Found In A Blink

Lost your earbuds? Well, it won't be for long. Track them down using the location of your missing earbuds. When they're found by someone else's phone, your contact information will be shared with them along with a 'Lost and Found' message. Keep your Galaxy Buds FE within reach.


Friendly Reminder To Grab Your Earbuds

Forgot something? Galaxy Buds FE gives you an alarm when you leave your earbuds behind, so you won't have to walk back miles.


Tune Your Audio To Your Taste

With the Galaxy Wearable app, you can quickly personalise the settings of your Galaxy Buds FE straight from your Samsung Galaxy devices. From the equalizer to Bixby Voice wake-up, the intuitive and easy-to-use settings let you tune your earbuds to your taste in no time.


More Ways To Enjoy FE

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