Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra - Samsung EF-MS928 Flipsuit Case

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Sync Your Phone And Screen To Match Your Style

The lightweight and slim Flipsuit Case allows you to switch styles with ease. Just slide in your favourite interactive card, and your phone gets an instant makeover. Not only does it look great, but it is durable and keeps your device safe. Embrace effortless style, tailored just for you.


Effortless Customisation With Interactive Cards

Transforming your phone has never been this easy. Simply insert the interchangeable card you like onto the clear Flipsuit Case, and watch your lock screen automatically sync and match the dynamic design. Say hello to a phone that truly suits your style.



All accessories are sold separately.
Only one piece of content is displayed per card. Content for Flipsuit Case collaboration cards should be downloaded separately before use; a network connection is required for download.
For Flipsuit Case brand collaboration accessories, only one brand collaboration Flipsuit Card is included in the box. Actual colour, design options, and content displayed on the brand collaboration Flipsuit Case may differ.
Availability of colours, models, and accessory designs may vary by country, region, or carrier. Images are simulated for illustrative purposes; actual UX/UI may differ.