Wunder360 S1 360° Spherical Action Camera

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USUAL PRICE : S$399.00
ONLINE PRICE :      S$299.00                                                                                                                     


Designed For The Explorers


Perfect for recording your adventures in 360°: skateboarding, skiing, surfing, scuba, hiking, hang glider, wingsuits flying, bungee, MTB, dronestagram, travel and more.


Compare to standard 1/4-inch accessories: adhesive and suction mounts, helmet and wrist straps, a chest harness, extension arm, handy grip and more.


Customized 32.8ft 10M Waterproof Case


Anti-fog and rust-proof design: capture the amazing view underwater.


Changeable Battery And TF Card


Changeable battery design brings you almost infinite battery life, and you can buy compatible alternatives in most of online/offline stores.


Use S1 On Its Own


LCD Status Screen on the camera for stand-alone operation

Refined design for long-time hand-hold shooting

7-element customized fisheye lens effectively reducing purple boundaries and lens flare


Be A Pro


1080P 60FPS slow-motion 360° recording: go ahead and record the epic moments

Cinematic stabilization: In-camera 9-axis IMU to shoot smoothly and shake-free


Advanced 360° Image Processing Tech


Built-in real-time stitching on Al-class chipset, no more timely post-production work

Better color correction, natural auto exposure and sharper detail based on exclusive 3A algorithms

Built-in 5G Wi-fi Off-line Streaming Video: Shoot And View Instantly Without Waiting


Easy Shoot2Share And 360 Live


360° Sharing and Live Streaming on the go. Enable your friends and family to immerse in your adventure and look around.