Xiaomi Band - Mi Band 4

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Mi Smart Band 4

Step Up, Live More

Full Colour Display And Heart Rate Monitor


Your Transformation Begins Now.


Full Colour AMOLED Touch Display


View call, text, and app notifications


Activity And Swim Tracking


Water resistant up to 50m*;3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope


Up To 20 Days Battery*


A single charge lasts up to 20 days.


Health Monitoring


24/7 heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking.


A Beautiful Transformation

Get A Wider, More Colourful View Right On Your Wrist.


The All-New Full Colour AMOLED Touch Display That's 39.9% Larger* And Brighter Than Ever Before.


Instantly View Call, Text, App Notifications And Music In Play. Keep Your Hands Free As You Keep Up With Life.


A Motivational Transformation

Your Personal Trainer Is With You Every Step Of The Way.


Battle Ropes

Whether you're doing high-speed battle rope training or an aerobic battle rope workout, Mi Smart Band 4 will track your heart rate, calories burn and more.



Tracks your pace and count

Maintain a safe workout, whether you're running short or long distance.



5 ATM water resistant up to 50m

Recognizes 5 different swim styles

Records 12 data sets including swimming pace and stroke count


Power Walking

5 core data sets

Helps you improve power walking efficiency



Check your heart rate in real time to make sure you get the best workout as you climb mountain roads or dash around the city.


A Reinvigorated Transformation

Improving your daily energy starts with understanding your sleep patterns.


Sleep Monitoring


Accurately tracks light and deep sleep as well as heart rate during sleep to help you adjust your sleep patterns.


Wristband Alarm


A light vibration gently wakes you up for a more comfortable morning


Mi Fit App


Records your health data to help you get the most out of life.


A Powerful Transformation

24/7 Heart rate monitoring keeps you safe and healthy.


24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring


Safeguard your health at all times. 
Alerts you when your heart rate is too high.


Idle Alerts


Stay active as you get reminders to get up and get moving.


An Enduring Transformation

Stays by your side for 20 days on a single charge.




* Water resistant up to 50m. Water resistance is in accordance with GB/T 30106-2013 standard. Testing performed by the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Watches. Mi Smart Band 4 water resistance report code: QT1902005;


* Mi Smart Band 4 lasts up to 20 days on a single charge according to Huami Laboratory testing: Tested using default settings, with 30 minute automatic heart rate monitoring enabled, receiving 100 notifications per day, 2 alarms per day, vibrating for 5 minutes, touching the touch button 10 times per day, and syncing with the app once per day. Actual results may differ due to to differences in environment, use and settings.


* "39.9% larger display size" is in comparison to Mi Band 3. Mi Band 3's display measures 17.26mm in length and 9.66mm in width. Mi Smart Band 4 measures 21.6mm in length and 10.8mm in width. Calculated as (10.8*21.6-9.66*17.26) / (9.66*17.26), the Mi Smart Band 4's display is 39.9% larger than Mi Band 3's display.


* Images are for reference only, font may be slightly different from actual product.