Xiaomi Bluetooth Headset - Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones

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Fits Securely Even During High Intensity Workouts


Ultra lightweight and comfortable


Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones is designed for those who want great music experience during workout without compromising on comfort. Its adjustable ear hooks offer grip around your ears which ensure the earbuds stay in place during workouts. Up to 7 hours playback on a single charge and water resistant design, Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones is ready to push you further even when you are running through the rain.


Adjustable ear hook

Sweat and water resistant

Up to 7 hours playback

17.8g light

Bluetooth 4.1 pairing


Adjustable Ear Hook Design


Fit and secure


You want your earphones to stay snug and secure even during the toughest workout. Because the ear hooks are made from premium soft and flexible material, you can slide the adjustable hook to hold your earbuds in place.


Sweat And Water Resistant


Engineered to brave the elements


Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones have been rigorously tested to guarantee that it is water resistant. Whether you're sweating it out at the gym or running through heavy rain, they are always ready for any challenge that lies ahead.


Long-Lasting Power


Up to 7 hours of playback*


Mi Sport Bluetooth Earphones boast a large 100mAh battery which provides up to 7 hours playback and up to 11 days standby time. Workout doesn't stop when your earphone is low on battery, a quick 10 minutes charge gets you a full hour of playback time - so no more excuses for missing a workout.


*All battery claims may vary depending on volume, usage, environment, and many other factors.


Bluetooth 4.1


Pair in just 3 seconds


With Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones you can connect and pair to two different Bluetooth devices simultaneously up to 10 meters away. It is equipped with a bluetooth 4.1 chipset which deliver crisp tones and amazing voice quality, giving you exceptional sound experience whether you're listening to music from your laptop or picking up calls from your smartphone.


Secure And Balance Design


Instant switch between music and calls


The last thing you want in the middle of a workout is to reach into your pocket to pick up a call. Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones allows you to control calls and music directly from the earbuds. The ergonomic control buttons let you access your tracks and calls in a heartbeat, without ever needing to reach your phone in your pocket.


MEMS Microphone


Amazing call quality


The MEMS microphone delivers great voice quality and little noise interference even when it is located further from your mouth, while staying compact and small.


Hypoallergic Property


The earbuds feature a wear and sweat resistant exterior to increase its durability. Its special silicone coating over the audio cable makes it smooth and comfortable to touch.


Ultra Lightweight


Fits comfortably in your ears


Thanks to its ergonomic design, the earbuds are angled to point audio right into your ear canal to deliver a clearer and more authentic sound experience. Despite weighing a mere 17.8g, Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones remain comfortably in place.


Aluminum Metal Structure


Looks as good as it feel


Engineered to be water resistant. The smooth metal surface feature 51 perforating holes, which are lasered directly onto the surface. Its entire metal structure is crafted from a 18 steps process which includes precise CNC cutting, anodisation oxidation, sandblasting, and double anodised finish, making it resistant to scratches and scuff.


Authentic And Clear Acoustics


Dynamic speaker + Metal diaphragm


Listen to a full spectrum of sound. The independent sound chamber separate front and rear sounds to deliver detailed sound with enhanced clarity across frequencies while isolating other noises so you can listen to every notes without distraction. The metal diaphragm stabilises bass and treble frequencies while reducing sound distortion. Whatever you’re listening to, you can get the best out of every tracks.


Five Different Earbuds


Secure fit for any activities


We have included 5 different ear buds so that you can find the perfect fit for any occasions. You can go for a looser seal to let ambient noise in for safety reasons or tighter seal for better noise isolation so you can completely immerse in your music.


*First two pair of earbuds on the right are for use when you play sports and the third pair to play music.