Xiaomi USB Cable - Black Shark Magnet Charging Cable

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Black Shark Magnetic Charging Cable

  • Magnetic Connection
  • Direct Charge
  • Unobstructed Gaming
  • 18W Fast Charging


Unique Gaming Design


Enjoy seamless transitions between playing and charging with this futuristic device. This charger magnetically clips onto the back of the Black Shark gaming phone completely out of the way of accessories and your hands.


One-Touch Charging


The charging interface contains 3 powerful magnets arranged in a triangle, providing a stable and firm grip from all angles. Forget plugging and unplugging, the magnetic charger can attach with just one touch, so you can keep focused on the game.


Super-Long Cable


The magnetic charging cable is 1.2 meters long and tough, made of 4 core cables with strong inner wires that are durable enough for gaming life. The 18W high power fast charger provides fast and stable charging.

*We recommend that you charge your phone without a case

*The charger does not support USB charging using a computer as a power source

* All data referred to is from the Black Shark Laboratory and is for reference only. Actual product performance may have slight variations in performance.


Charging Port On The Backcharging While Projecting


The magnetic suction charging cable is connected to the rear, which will not block your hands when gaming and allows you carry the team to victory! You can also use the charging port, earphone port and projection port of the phone simultaneously without interfering with each other, which improves your efficiency.

*This product does not support computer USB charging

*The data used in this page is all from the Black Shark Laboratory. Actual product may very slightly due to different use environment and products, and the actual product shall prevail.