Zte Nubia Red Magic 5G Ice Dock

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RedMagic Ice Dock

Maximum cooling for maximum gaming


Expand Your RedMagic Experience


Super Cooling Starts Within 1 Second!

Cool off with a semi-conductor plate and then double up the cooling power by blowing the heat away at 8,000RPM with a turbo fan!


Keep quiet while keeping cool

Cool off quietly without any vibrations or noise interference in your games or with voice chat


Compact And Out Of The Way

Effective external cooling without hindering your game play experience


Charge And Listen

Charge your phone through the USB Type-C port and listen to music through the conveniently placed headphone jack.


Combining Ice And Wind For Ultimate Cooling

A truly powerful design


What Is The RedMagic Ice Dock?

Using advanced semi-conducting technology and a powerful turbo fan, the Ice Dock cools and pulls heat from the back of the phone. It quickly dissipates this heat with the turbo fan and the advanced semi-conductor cools the phone directly.


Begins Rapidly Cooling The Phone In Seconds

The greatest danger to performance is high temperatures. Once the temps start to rise, the performance starts to drop. With the Ice Dock, you just need a few seconds and the temperatures quickly start dropping, feeling cool to the touch and keeping your performance at the max!


Two USB Type-C Sockets

Dual sockets to power and charge through the Ice Dock

With two USB Type-C ports, the Ice Dock supports up to 30W fast charging to your smartphone while plugged in to a power bank or power supply. Enjoy the freedom of playing for hours on end without fear of overheating while on the go or at home!


Play Games Without Obstruction

As thin as 54mm and weighing only 80g, it is like the Ice Dock isn't even there. Fully enjoy your normal mobile game experience without having to adjust your grip or anything when using the Ice Dock.


Quiet Running High Speed Fan

Runs so quietly, that you can use voice chat without interference from the fan sounds.

Built with aviation-grade aluminum material, the fan can reach speeds of 8,000rpm without any vibrations and be so quiet, your friends on voice chat will never know it is on.


Silicone Anti-Slip Pad

Be worry free when using the Ice Dock, With silicone anti-skid pads on both clamps, there is no fear of damaging the RedMagic 5S when clipping on or unclipping the Ice Dock.


3 Socket Design, Plug To Use

Charge and cool off at the same time when connected to an external power supply.