Zte Nubia Red Magic 9 Pro / 9 Pro+ - Zte Nubia Red Magic Protective Case

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RedMagic 9 Pro Series

E-Sports Heat Dissipation Protective Shell

E-Sports Feel 3D | Stereoscopic Protection | Compatible With Magnetic Heat Dissipator


DAO Transparency

Red Magic Aesthetics

Airblade transparent design, RGB lighting effects at a glance,

Circular armor with full combat power, precision injection molding,

Exceptional texture, comfortable grip.


Stainless Steel Inlay

Circular Armor

Enhancing its own heat conduction capabilities,

Perfectly compatible with the ICE magnetic heat dissipator.

Weight reduced by 40%


Perfect Fit

Stereoscopic Protection

3D stereoscopic protection effectively disperses gravity upon impact, providing hardcore protection from all angles for the phone.