Zte Nubia Red Magic 9 Pro / Red Magic 9 Pro+ Red Magic Magnetic Cooler 5 Pro PA3136 + Back Clip

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A New Era of Liquid Cooling Intelligence

VC Liquid Cooling Patent | 36W Super Cooling | Drops To -12°C | Dual Attachment Convenience


VC Liquid Cooling System

The REDMAGIC VC liquid cooling system harnesses advanced aluminum alloy welding technology, enhancing heat dissipation efficiency for powerful cooling up to 36W. It outperforms traditional mobile phone coolers, delivering faster cooling and lower temperatures.



The REDMAGIC 5 Pro adopts a newly designed heat dissipation slution with a 3D VC liquid cooling architecture, ensuring uniform and rapid cooling for all heat dissipation components, resulting in enhanced cooling performance.


An Incredible 36W Cooling Force

Enjoy a temperature drop of up to 35°C during heated gaming sessions, delivered by a VC Liquid Cooling Plate, intense airflow from the 7-blade fan, and a custom REDMAGIC TEC chip.


Ultra-Low Noise

Hollow Suspended Air Duct To Reduce Air Resistance


Custom REDMAGIC TEC Cooling Chip

With the same TEC size, our latest model boasts a 34% power increase over the previous generation's magnetic cooling back clip. Paired with liquid cooling technology, it delivers a remarkable 50% boost in overall cooling performance.


Classic Design, Superior Control

The classic transparent design shows off the power within, and a convenient switch lets you unleash it in a flash.


Strong Magnetic Attachment, Impossible To Shake Off

The strong magnetic grip makes it easy to snap the REDMAGIC VC Cooler 5 Pro in action, with the guarantee that it'll stay in place.


Dual Attachments For More Compatibility

Secure magnetic attachments and clip-ons for iPhone 12-15 and other compatible devices, with a back clip that doubles as a phone stand when not in use.


Power To Match Your Style

Indulge in a variety of custom RGB light effects that fit your aesthetic. Explore the REDMAGIC AI Temperature Control and multi-functional one-key switch for on demand cooling.