Zte Nubia Red Magic Cyberbuds DAO TWS Headset Gaming Audio Buds

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The REDMAGIC Cyberbuds DAO TWS unites first-Class aesthetics with ultimate performance. Featuring cutting-edge technology and is compatible with multiple devices. Elevate your audio experience effortlessly.


Flagship Gaming Audio Buds


First-Class Aesthetics, Ultimate Performance


10 Specs To Transform Your Sound Experience

  • Ultimate Aesthetics
  • Qualcomm Flagship Bluetooth 5.3 Chipset
  • Qualcomm S3 Gen 2 Sound Platform
  • AI Active Noise Reduction
  • 11mm Linear Graphene Unit
  • Unique Open Box Design
  • 28ms Low Latency
  • Wireless Charging Station
  • 7.5h Battery Endurance
  • Compatible With Multiple Devices


Flagship Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.3 Chipset

A Fast, Stable Connection

The flagship Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.3 chipset is built for a faster, more stable connection with its dual-core 240 MHz processor that delivers low latency and anti-jamming during a connection.

Snapdragon Sound


Our Cutting-Edge

Low Latency Algorithm

Latency as low as 28ms. Brings you a better hearing experience.

*Above data is from the REDMAGIC Lab


Three Custom Sound Effects

Start Your Sound Revolution

Boasting custom sound effect certifications from Hi-res Audio, Snapdragon, and spatial game sound effects from DTSX, it delivers an immersive sound field and 3D sound effects from the powerful 11mm linear graphene speaker unit.


AI Active Noise Reduction

Multi-Scene Depth Noise Reduction

Equipped with ANC active noise reduction technology, the noise reduction depth can reach 48dB. Customize the exclusive noise reduction effect for different environments for your ears, and enjoy pure and good sound.


Your Exclusive Desktop TWS

Convenient Control Experience

The audio buds support a dongle connection which allows you to pair to a device without a Bluetooth connection. Additionally, the volume knob functions as both a volume adjuster and a stand during wireless charging.


Qualcomm LE Audio 2.4G Chip

Enjoy Independent Gaming Mode

The Qualcomm LE Audio 2.4G chip had a dedicated game mode and is compatible with multiple devices. Enjoy the ultimate low-latency gaming experience.


Futuristic Tech Design

Transparent Metal

The case and the individual buds adopt the iconic REDMAGIC transparent design for a more futuristic appeal, showing off the pristine internal structure and high-end craftsmanship.


Full Scene Coverage

Custom App Control

The audio buds are fully customizable and can be set to meet a variety of scenes and use cases. Download and connect to the "GoPer" app for full control.